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Life's a bitch and then you die

aka the insane ramblings of a work in progress

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Firstly a warning: this lj is rather moany, my lj is my therapit's couch.

I'm a geeky art history lover who spends far too much time on British art of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. I enjoy eating out and meeting up with friends especially fellow art lovers. I also like to follow current affairs so I don't forget to enjoy the present as well as the past. When I get the chance I enjoy both the cinema and theatre and will always make time for the latest Bond movie at the cinema or films with George Clooney and I can't say I'm averse to Colin Firth either. I saw the ABBA movie the other day and I realised just what an amazing woman Meryl Streep is. She's super-talented and truly brilliant at what she does and incredibly beautiful because she hasn't had more work done on her face/body than most houses have done in their lifetime. That does not mean I have anything against surgery, I just don't want to go the route of being so surgeried (is that even a word?) out that I no longer look like me - enhancement=good; entirely different face/body to what I was born with=bad.

As you've probably noticed by now I have a tendency to ramble and also have been known to moan about my M.E. rather too often.

As my friends list has grown, I am happy to add people back but my journal is friends only. HOWEVER, if you wish to be homophobic/racist or generally really narrowminded and prejudiced then I will de-friend you instantly.

Interests (20):

18th century, agatha christie, bartholomew chronicles, chocolate, cinema, criminal minds, csi, exhibitions, food (eating esp), foundling museum, free things to do, galleries, historical crime novels, knitting, p g wodehouse, pretty stationery, shardlake novels, stephen fry, theatre, west wing
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